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Our History


Etnia was founded in Miami in 2001, when we; Vicky, Valentina & Marta, two dentists and one industrial designer,  started making necklaces at home. 

Time has passed and things have changed, now we have a nice studio and Maria works with us, helping on the assembly of our creations.

We currently distribute our products through a number of shops in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Washington, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay,The Caribbean and Puerto Rico.



At etnia..


We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of a distinct style of fashion jewelry and our product portfolio includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and belts.


All our pieces are hand-made with materials that we get from around the world and many times, we have to make from scratch some components, to finish a design. 


We really love what we do and we really believe in our slogan:…


"What's made by hand, involves mind & soul"




Our Commitment


Your happines and satisfaction with our products...we are happy if you are happy :)


About etnia

Etnia (et.nea) is a racial group; people who share distinctive cultural characteristics, talents, creativity and ideas. That is who we are and our pieces are a reflection of our origins.
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